Set for Sunday, July 9, 2017


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Distance with specific focus points with Chris


warm up:

600 choice



First set (we’re a little out of our usual order today):

2 rounds of 4×100

in each round:

#1 on cruise+15 sec

#2 on cruise+10 sec

#3 on cruise+5 sec

#4 on cruise



main set:

5 rounds of:

4×25 drill

1×500, focusing on what we learned in the drills.


In round 1, the drill is Pitch Drill.  During the first third of the length, swim uphill, with the spine in alignment, eyes forward and hips low.  During the middle third of the length, swim as you would normally.  On the last third, press the chest down about an inch–lean forward, while keeping the spine aligned.  The water should be hitting at the crown of your head, and your eyes should be looking at the bottom of the pool.  This should make the extension into the early vertical forearm easier.


In round 2, the drill is Belly Button Drill.  For several strokes during the length, draw your belly button back to your spine.  This activates your abdominal muscles, your core.  Pay attention to how this cleans up your body alignment.


In round 3, the drill is Long Arm Dog Paddle (also called Underwater Recover Free).  While maintaining a good body alignment, work on the extension out front, and focus on extending into the early vertical forearm.  Pay attention to how the scapula slides forward as we extend into the catch.


In round 4, we’re not doing a drill per se.  We’re doing a spot check on our body alignment.  Swim these 25s with a pull buoy between your ankles.  Are you fishtailing?  If you are, think about the 3 drills we did earlier, and apply them.


In round 5, our drill is a summation of our earlier drill work.  Pick either single arm or rhythm drill.  Try it this way–start with the full stroke, with both arms going.  When you shut down one arm, your body rotation shouldn’t change a bit, and you should be able to add or delete arm strokes without missing a beat.



last set:


#1 on cruise

#2 on cruise+5 sec

#3 on cruise+10 sec

#4 on cruise+15 sec

While maintaining good stroke technique, ascend these 100s as a warmdown.


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