Workout for Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Working uptempo finishes on longer swims with Chris, Ryan, and Tina.


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:

300 swim, every 3rd length kick


Odds:  50 kick/25 swim

Evens:  50 drill/25 swim

4×25 swim, descend 1-4


Odds:  kick

Evens:  drill

4×25 descend 1-4 to a faster pace than first set of 25s



Main set:

1×500 moderate pace on cruise+20 sec

1×100 uptempo on cruise+20 sec

1×400 moderate pace on cruise+20 sec

1×200 uptempo on cruise+20 sec

1×300 moderate pace on cruise+20 sec

1×300 uptempo on cruise+20 sec

Moderate swims are at your usual 60-70% level of effort, with a focus on good technique.  The uptempo swims are in the 70-80% level of effort range, while trying to maintain that good technique from the moderate swims.  Stay on the clock, with no breaks in the set.  The intervals and pacing should provide the rest you need.



Last set:

4×50 on cruise+10 sec, ascend 1-4

4×75 pull, breathing every 3rd stroke/5th stroke/7th stroke by 25

100 easy


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