Friday sprint workout, 11-10-2017

Drill set:
1 x 100 flutter kick, by 25s kick face-down, kick on right side, kick on back, kick on left side – fins OK
1 x 150 free, by 50s breathe every 4th stroke on your left, breathe every 4th stroke on your right, breathe every 3rd stroke
3 x 50 free, drill/swim by 25s – drill is Kate’s catch-up/kick drill

Main set. Base this on cruise -5. All are sprint. Three rounds:
6×25 swim, rest 20 sec.
4×50 swim, rest 40 sec.
2×75 swim, rest 60 sec.
1×100 swim, go directly to the 200 easy for an active recovery
200 easy and regroup

4 x 150 pull
1 x 200 kick

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