Workout for Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The uphill grind, with Chris, Ryan and Tina


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:


Odds:  50 kick/50 single arm drill/50 swim max DPS.  Focus on left side/right side stroke balance

Evens:  25 pitch drill/50 swim/25 pitch drill/50 swim.  Focus on swimming”downhill.”



Main set:

1×100 on cruise+5 sec

1×200 on cruise+10 sec

1×300 on cruise+15 sec

1×400 on cruise+20 sec

1×500 on cruise+25 sec

1×600 on cruise+30 sec

The goal of this set is to maintain the same pace from start to finish.  It’s not as easy as you think, and you must be careful to begin the set at a sustainable pace.  If you start out too fast, you will probably break down before you get to the end, and that’s negative training.  Hence starting with the 100 and increasing the distances, rather than the other way around.  This way, in addition to the overall conditioning, the set becomes an exercise in pacing as well.



Warm down set:

1×100 easy

Try backstroke or (even better) double arm backstroke

2×150 (50 kick/50 pitch drill/50 swim, choice of strokes, easy)



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