Workout for Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Turn Turn Turn IMs with Chris and Ryan


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:


Odds are freestyle, max DPS

Evens are IM.  The first IM is kick, the second is drill, and the third is swim max DPS



Main set:

Notice the 3-6-9 pattern here.  Each segment is followed by a 200 free.

3×50 on cruise+20 sec

#1  25 fly/25 back

#2  25 back/25 breast

#3  25 breast/25 free

The focus on this part of the set is turns and good walls—clean entries and streamlined exits and breakouts

1×200 free, breathing every 3rd stroke/every 5th stroke by 25


#1  50 fly/25 back

#2  25 fly/50 back

#3  50 back/25 breast

#4  25 back/50 breast

#5  50 breast/25 free

#6  25 breast/50 free

15 seconds rest after everything—your speeds may vary significantly.  Again, the focus is on walls and turns, as above.

1×200 free, breathing 25 left side/25 right side/50 every 3rd stroke

9×100 IM on cruise+30-40 sec, in 3 groups of 3

#1  kick the fly leg

#2  drill the fly leg

#3 swim the fly leg uptempo

#4  kick the back leg

#5  drill the back leg

#6  swim the back leg uptempo

#7  kick the breast leg

#8  drill the breast leg

#9  swim the breast leg uptempo

1×200 free, breathing every 3rd stroke/5th stroke by 50



Last set:

9×50, in 3 groups of 3

#1  cruise+15 sec

#2  cruise+10 sec

#3  cruise+5 sec


#4  cruise+10 sec

#5  cruise+5 sec

#6  cruise


#7  cruise+5 sec

#8  cruise

#9  cruise-5 sec

The goal is to hold the same time/pace in each group of 3.  I call this a backwards descend.  Rather than asking the swimmers to go faster on a constant interval, I ask them to maintain a constant pace/speed on a decreasing interval.


100 easy


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