Workout for Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Technical Distance work without a pace clock, with Chris, Ryan and Tina
warm up:
600 choice
drill set:
1×300 swim, every 3rd length kick
odds–streamline kick without a board, building to fast
evens–single arm drill or rhythm drill, focusing on left/right symmetry and balance
4×50 swim
Count your strokes on the first 25.  One fewer stroke on the second 25
4×25 swim build to fast
main set:
Today’s set has no intervals.  The focus is technique.  Think of this set as 3×700
2×100 swim
#1  a paddle on your right hand, no paddle on your left, a fin on your left foot, no fin on your right
#2  a paddle on your left hand, no paddle on your right, a fin on your right foot, no fin on your left
Some call this Cross-wire drill.  This sequence puts your left side/right side stroke symmetry in the spotlight.  Pay attention to the differences that you feel, and ask the coach for feedback to your comments.
1×500 swim, geared up or down as you like.
Try to incorporate the coach’s feedback and make your 500 as clean as possible.
2×50 pull, with the buoy between your ankles
Are you fishtailing?  Are your feet or hips waggling behind you?  This would be an indication that your core muscles are not engaged, and you’re leading your stroke with your arms and shoulders, vice your powerful core muscles.  The goal is to get the body aligned arrow-straight down the pool.
1×600 swim, geared up or down, focusing on an arrow-like body alignment
1×700 swim, geared up or down, focusing on keeping your body “in the tube.”
It should be easier to hold a faster pace once we use our core muscles to maintain our body alignment.
last set:
odds:  50 kick/25 swim
evens:  50 drill/25 swim

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