Workout for Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Old school backwards descending 500s, with Chris, Ryan and Tina


warm up:

600 choice



drill set:


odds:  kick

evens:  single arm and/or rhythm drill

4×100 free on cruise



main set:


#1 on cruise+45 sec

#2 on cruise+30 sec

#3 on cruise+15 sec

#4 on cruise

Remember what we mean by your cruise pace.  If you’re in the right lane, you can hold a pace of 5-10 sec per 100 under your interval all day long.  That means somewhere around 65-70% level of effort.  The idea on this set is to hold the same time/pace on all of the 500s.  Specifically, you should target that 5-10 seconds per 100 under your cruise interval.  Think of it this way–try to keep up with the lane one up from you.



last set:

4×50 on cruise+10 sec, ascend 1-4



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