Workout for Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

IMs, one stroke at a time, with Chris and Ryan



600 choice



First set:

12×100 free

#1-3 on cruise+15 sec

#4-6 on cruise+10 sec

#7-9 on cruise+5 sec

#10-12 on cruise

We’re doing things in a different order today, working the kick and drills into the main set.  Use this set to get loosened up and get your heart pumping.



Main set:

Part 1:

3 rounds of:

1×100 kick

2×50 drill

1×200 swim in the following fashion:

Round 1:  8×25 on cruise+15 sec

Round 2:  4×50 on cruise+20 sec

Round 3:  2×100 on cruise+30 sec

Do one round each nonfree stroke.  You get to determine which stroke goes into which round.  If you need drill suggestions, ask your coach.  IMs are an option, and so is a focus on a single nonfree stroke.



Part 2:

6×100 IM on cruise+45 sec

Odds:  kick the fly and breast without a board, and swim the back and free.

Evens:  swim the fly and breast, and kick the back and free without a board.



Last set:

4×150 swim or pull

First 50 freestyle, building from moderate to uptempo pace (75-80% effort)

Middle 50 nonfree at uptempo pace (75-80% effort)

Last 50 easy



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