Workout for Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Maintaining/building tempo at the end, with Chris, Ryan and Tina



600 choice



Drill set:

1×150 (50 rhythm drill/50 kick/50 rhythm drill)

3×50 on cruise+10 sec, descend 1-3


1×150  (50 kick/50 single arm drill/50 kick)

3×50 on cruise+5 sec, descend 1-3


1×150 (50 gallop drill/50 kick/50 gallop drill)

3×50 on cruise, descend 1-3

The drill focus today is twofold.  First, get your legs and core involved in your propulsion.  Second, pay attention to your left side/right side stroke balance and symmetry.



Main set:

3×600, with a minute of rest between each

#1  500 moderate—rest 10 sec—100 uptempo

#2  400 moderate—rest 10 sec—200 uptempo

#3  300 moderate—rest 10 sec—300 uptempo

Use the moderate portions to set a nice long stroke length.  On the uptempo portions, maintain that long stroke length, but build your stroke rate up.



Last set:


#1  50 swim/50 kick/50 swim

#2  50 single arm drill/50 kick/50 single arm drill

#3  50 rhythm drill/50 kick/50 rhythm drill

#4  50 gallop drill/50 kick/50 gallop drill

100 easy swim


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