Saturday,December 15, 2018

There’s HOW much kicking in this workout? with Chris and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

4×50 freestyle Golf on cruise+10 sec

4×100 (50 kick/50 drill), one each stroke

8×25 swim, two each stroke

second one in each pair faster than the first.


Main set:

1×400 free, every 4th length kick

4×100 IM on cruise+30 sec, descend 1-4

1×300 free, every 3rd length kick

6×50 nonfree on cruise+20 sec, descend 1-3, 4-6

1×200 free, even lengths kick

8×25 build on cruise+15 sec

odds non free, evens choice

1×100 kick

1×100 free, breathing every 3rd stroke/5th stroke/7th stroke/9th stroke by 25


last set:

8×75 with 15 sec rest

odds:  25 kick/50 drill

evens:  25 kick/50 swim

one pair each stroke



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