Workout for Saturday, October 19, 2019

IMs with a little heat and some rest to accommodate that, with Chris and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

4×75 free on cruise+10 sec (breathe 25 left side/25 right side/25 every 3rd stroke)

4×75 rotating IM (50 kick/25 drill)

4×75 rotating IM (50 drill/25 swim max DPS)

4×75 IM on 100 cruise+10 sec (50 max DPS/25 build to fast)


main set:

4 rounds of:

4×25, descend 1-4 to fast on cruise+15 sec

1×100 IM, build that round’s stroke

1×100 free, moderate (breathe 25 left side/25 right side/50 every 3rd stroke)

1×50 of that round’s stroke, build to fast

1×50 easy

Do one round each stroke


last set:

1×300 swim, every 3rd length nonfree

1×300 kick (25 build/25 fast/25 easy)

1×100 easy


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