Workout for Sunday, October 27, 2019

Breaking up the miles with Chris

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:


odds:  50 kick/25 swim

evens 50 single arm or rhythm drill/25 swim


odds:  25 breathing to the left side/25 breathing to the right side

evens:  breathe every 3rd stroke

6×25 build to uptempo pace (70-75% effort)

The focus is on stroke balance and rhythm


Main set:

2 Broken 1650s

#1. 11×150

odds on cruise, uptempo pace

evens on cruise+15 sec, moderate pace

#2. 3 rounds of:

1×50 fast (80% effort or better)

rest 10 sec

1×500 maximum distance per stroke

while you don’t have to push hard on the 500s, focus on keeping your stroke technique clean and sharp.


last set:

1×300 easy (25 kick/25 free/25 non free)


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