Coach Griff’s Sets to Train for 100 Speed

Work these sets into your training sessions in order to spend some quality time going fast. They aren’t exclusively for freestyle either! And don’t forget that sprinting requires adequate rest.

Set #1 – not really a sprint set, but it sets a mark for in-practice speed
4 x 100 on +30, descend

Set #2 – can do multiple rounds
4 x 50 on +30, descend to fast
50 easy

Set #3
2 rounds of:
4 x 25 sprint, rest 10 seconds at each wall
100 easy

this set could be repeated a month later with only 5 seconds at each wall

Set #4
4 x 50
for each, go fast for the first 25, the turn, and the following breakout – then finish easy

Set #5
8 x mid-pool 25
start at the middle of the pool, build into a fast turn, underwater dolphins, and breakout

Set #6 – good one to put at the end of your workouts
4 x 25 fast

Go fast!!

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