Saturday, February 6, 2021

IM Transitions and strong finishes with Chris and Liz

warm up set:

300 swim, every 3rd length nonfree

4×50 (25 kick/25 swim with hands in a fist)


2 each stroke, descend 1-2


Main set:

3 rounds of:

5×100 on cruise+30 sec

#1 50 fly/25 back/25 breast

#2 25 fly/50 back/25 breast

#3 25 fly/25 back/50 breast

#4 100 freestyle, push to a strong pace

#5 active recovery (go right into it, and don’t wait for the interval)

The focus on this set is perfect transition turns, and a strong freestyle finish.


last set:

5×100 free, swim or pull, with 15 sec rest after each one

Use the first length of each 100 to set a long stroke length. On each subsequent length, maintain the stroke length, but increase the stroke tempo. This will make you faster.

4×75 kick, with 15 sec rest after each one.

middle 25 is fast

100 easy swim


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