MVM News – December 3rd 2021

Hi MVM Team,

Update on practice cancellation today: I hope you all received an email or text that practice was cancelled this morning due to an equipment failure in the mechanical room. At some point during the night the ‘No Flow’ alarm was activated. When there is no flow then everything in the pump room shuts down, which means the chlorine, CO2, pumps, heater, etc. all stop working. The result is that the pool chemistry could be off and unsafe to swim in.

Good news: Everything is fixed and practice is scheduled for tomorrow. As always, check your text and email before heading to Rengstorff pool. We are working on getting back to Eagle Pool as quickly as possible but still no word as to when that will happen other than ‘some time in January’.

USMS Membership: As of last week at least 85 MVMers have signed up for the 2022 USMS card, which is fantastic! For those of you how have not done so yet, please do so by December 31st. Starting January 1 you won’t be able to swim with us if you don’t have a current USMS card.

New members: Welcome to all the new members! We hope you enjoy swimming with our wonderful MVM team. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with the coach on deck.

Tree lighting in Mountain View: If you are not in the holiday spirit yet and want to kick things off, there is a Tree Lighting Ceremony in downtown Mountain View on Castro this coming Monday, December 6th from 5:30 to 8:00pm.

Happy Swimming, MVM

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