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Weekly Email – 3/22

March 22, 2023

Hello MVMers, Happy Hour: First happy hour of the year! Olympus Cafe in downtown Mountain View, Thursday March 30th, starting at 5:30pm. Address is 135 Castro Street. Weather permitting although the current forecast is no rain. February Fitness Auction Party: The auction party will be held April 19th at the Historic Adobe House where we… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/11

Hi MVMers, Daylight Savings Time: It’s that time of year. Quick reminder to turn your clocks forward tonight. Alcatraz Swim: Back by popular demand. Coach Flo is organizing a private MVM Alcatraz swim on September 2nd when SF Bay is as warm as it gets. Here is the link: More details: Alcatraz to the… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/8

Hello MVMers, New coach: We are excited to let you know that Jonathan Hutt is joining our coaching staff. He starts this Friday and you’ll see him at 6am if you attend that workout. Welcome Jonathan! No practice March 18-19: LAMVAC has their swim meet the weekend of March 18-19 at Eagle Pool so our… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/1

Hello MVMers, Can you believe it’s March already? Spring is around the corner. Here’s what’s coming up- Vote for Board Members: It is that time of year to vote on the board members.The vote is completely anonymous and the survey will only be open until this Sunday, March 5th. See the link, below. You will… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/24

Hello MVMers, MVM Budget: Once a year the membership votes on the MVM budget. See attached if you’d like to review it.. The vote is informal and will happen tomorrow morning at the start of the 8am practice. Apologies for the last minute notice. We will take a vote from whomever swims that practice. No… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/18

Hello MVMers, Holiday Hours: This coming Monday, February 20th is President’s Day. We will have holiday hours – 6am, 7am and 8am. New MVM Event: March is Give (back) to the Community month or GTTC month. Donate blood and you will receive a custom MVM swim cap and ten points for the February Fitness Challenge…. Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/9

Hello MVMers, February Fitness Challenge: The February Fitness Challenge is in full swing. If you want to participate there are cards in the office. Take one, put your name on it and start recording points for swimming workouts and pulling covers. Those points will turn into MVM Bucks you can use at our Auction in… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/31

Hi MVMers, news of the week: February Fitness Challenge: The February Fitness Challenge starts tomorrow! For those who don’t know what it is, here’s the explanation: during the entire month of February you have a chance to accumulate points. You get a point for every 15 minutes you swim in a workout with a maximum… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/23

Hello MVMers, 1-Hour Postal: Thank you to all who swam in the event – you made it a success!. And thanks to everyone who brought food to eat afterwards. Don’t forget to register your results with USMS. You’ll need the email address of your timer. Feel free to contact me and I’ll make sure you… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/9

Hello MVMers: Saturday Coffee: After a 3-year hiatus the Saturday coffees are back. It’s informal and impromptu. Meet at Peets on Castro after the last workout on Saturday. Just show up if you feel like it – but there will be some MVMers there. Holiday Hours on January 16th: January 16th is MLK Day. Hours… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/5

Hello MVM Team, Pool Open: Pool is open and workouts are resuming tomorrow, Friday, January 6th. Workout times are 5am, 6am, and 7am as usual. Reminder #1: Tuesday and Thursday are now just two workouts: 5:30 and 6:45am. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday stay the same. Reminder #2: If you have not registered with USMS then… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 12/19

Hello MVMers, Hope you are all having a nice holiday! Here’s the latest: Repeats: We will be swimming the second of our Triple Crown workouts on December 24th. It will be 75 repeats going every minute and a half. If you plan on swimming, arrive no later than 6:30 to pull covers. Repeats will start… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 11/29

Hello MVMers, Holiday Party: Quite a few have signed up but if you are planning on attending then please fill out the survey as soon as possible. We need to plan the amount of food we buy. Here’s the link: Quick reminder that the Holiday Party is December 11th. Cost is $10 per person…. Read More ›

Holiday Party PayPal link – correction

Hi team, it has come to our attention that the PayPal link on the survey for the Holiday Party is for a $20 payment. If you are only paying for one person, the fee is $10. Here is the correct link for that: Apologies for the confusion.

Weekly Email – 11/23

Hi MVMers, here’s the news of the week. Holiday Hours: Reminder that tomorrow, Thanksgiving, we will have two workouts – 6:15 and 7:45am. We’ll be doing our classic repeats. If you plan to attend the first workout please arrive by 6:00am to pull covers. If you swim the second workout then plan to help put… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 11/16

Hello MVMers, here’s the news/info of the week: Holiday Party: Our last big bash of 2022 will be held December 11th, starting 5pm at Shoup Park in Los Altos. Fee is $10. You can pay cash to a coach on deck but rumor has it that we are setting up a PayPal account. Stay tuned… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 11/10

Hi MVMers, here’s the latest. Brute Squad Day: Brute Squad is this coming Sunday the 13th. No Sunday practice because of this event. Quick recap, the event will be held from 7-9am. Plan to show up around 6:45 to pull covers and get organized. Here are the details: -No registration is involved. Just show up… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 11/4

Hello MVMers, here’s the latest: Time Change: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this Saturday evening as we are going off Daylight Savings Time. If you forget you will be an hour early for practice on Sunday morning. Brute Squad: It’s coming up! Brute Squad Day will be Sunday, November 13th. We’d like to… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 10/27

Hello MVMers, here’s the latest. Pancake Breakfast: This coming Saturday, Oct. 29th, Coach Al and Anita are hosting a pancake breakfast. Come any time after Saturday practice. It doesn’t matter if you swim at 6am, 7am, or 8am, the breakfast will still be going. Address is 1761 Pilgrim Avenue in Mountain View. Brute Squad: Official… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 10/24

Hello MVMers, here’s what’s coming up: Pancake Breakfast: Yay! Pancake breakfast at Anita and Coach Al’s house this coming Saturday, October 29th. It will start around 7:30am and go for most of the morning. You can still make the festivities even if you swim the 8am practice. You don’t have to bring anything. Address is… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 10/17

Hello MVers, Pool Covers: The City is now putting pool covers back on. For all who come to the first workout of the day, please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to help pull covers. Brute Squad: So far we have seven people who want to participate in the Brute Squad. This is a virtual… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 10/12

Hello MVMers, USMS: Reminder that starting Jan. 1, 2023 you must be a USMS member to swim with MVM. You can join online starting November 1st. Holiday Party: After skipping our Holiday Party for two years due to COVID we are thinking of bringing it back. Please fill out the survey so that we have… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 10/6

Hello MVMers, Happy October! Here’s the latest: New members: Welcome! One perk of being a member is that you can get a lap card, which allows you to swim (free) during the City of Mountain View lap swims hours. It could come in handy in case you miss our morning workout but really want to… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 9/26

Hello MVMers, Swim Parkas: Fall is here and it is going to start getting colder. The Parka Committee (thank you Lizy M.) is in the early stages of researching MVM parkas. Do any of you have an opinion as to what brand has the warmest parkas? Social Events: Our happy hour social last week was… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 9/20

Hi MVMers, Social Event: Happy Hour tomorrow, September 21st. Location is Olympus Caffe at 135 Castro Street. Will start around 5:30. Here’s the link to their website: Admin: If you are currently a monthly dues paying member and want to switch to the quarterly plan, now is the time to make the change. Please… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 9/13

Hello MVMers, glad the heat wave is behind us and the pool temps have come down. Here’s the news of the week: Congratulations to our Open Water swimmers! Big Blue Adventure in Lake Tahoe: Holly Rudel came in first overall in the 2.4 miles swim in the female division. Courtney Hutchinson came in second in… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 8/25

Hello MVMers, we hope your summer has been going well. Here are some announcements for the week. Tahoe Swimmers: Congratulations to Jessica Sutter, Sarah MacMahon, and Janet Beegle for completing the 2.7 mile swim at Donner Lake on August 13th. Also congratulations to Martha Branch for coming in first in her age group at the… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 8/14

Hello MVMers, New Rengstorff Swim Facility: If you want to see what is happening at the Rengstorff Pool construction site then here’s the link: Courtesy of Ed Pereira. Thanks, Ed! Display Case at Eagle: We have a display case dedicated to MVM located on the exterior wall behind the deep end of the pool. It… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 8/9

Hello MVMers, Survey thank-you:Thanks to all of you who filled out the survey, especially on such a short notice. Very much appreciated. New Members: Welcome to all new members! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to speak to the coaches on deck. We’re here to help. Textedly: Quick reminder for new members about Textedly…. Read More ›

Weekly Email – 7/26

Hello MVMers, Survey:We have a short survey to be completed before Thursday July 28, 7pm. We are collecting member’s input in order to best understand swim practice preferences. Here is the link: It only takes a minute to fill out and your participation would be greatly appreciated. Textedly: Quick reminder for new members about… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 7/20

Hello MVMers, I hope you are all having a nice summer! News of the week: Stroke Clinic: Coach Chris is having a backstroke clinic this coming Saturday, July 23, at 8:00am in the small pool. Alcatraz Swim: If you have never swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco, but always wanted to, here is your chance…. Read More ›

Weekly Email – 7/8

Hello MVMers, here’s the news of the week: Summer Picnic: Our picnic is tomorrow, July 9th, from 10:30am – 2:00pm-ish, at Cuesta Park. Come and go as you please. Children and other family members welcome. MVM will provide a few items to to drink, including water. In the interest of resource conservation we suggest you… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 7/1

Hi MVMers, Happy July 1st! Here’s the latest: Summer Picnic: You should all be getting an evite if you haven’t received it already. It’s our annual summer picnic bash – July 9th at Cuesta Park. Arrive anytime starting at 10:30 and it goes until mid-afternoon. Bring something for yourself to put on the grill and… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 6/20

Hello MVMers, I hope you all had a good Father’s Day and Happy Juneteenth. News of the week: Stroke Clinic: This Saturday at 8am Coach Tina is giving a freestyle stroke clinic. These clinics are free to all MVM members. You don’t need to sign up ahead of time. Summer Barbecue: Saturday, July 9th, is… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 6/13

Hello MVMers, here is the news of the week: COVID: Last week we had two swimmers who reported they tested positive for COVID. MVM asks that if you test positive you should return to the pool no earlier than 10 days + a negative test. COVID seems to be everywhere right now and it’s common… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 6/8

Hello MVMers, news of the week: Coaches Clinics: This summer will be having free clinics for any MVM member that is interested. Our first clinic will be this coming Saturday, June 11th, run by Coach Al. It is a breaststroke clinic held at 8am in the shallow pool. The following Saturday, June 18th, will be… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 5/30

Hello MVMers, I hope you are all having a nice Memorial Day weekend. Here’s the latest from MVM: Carpool to Lake Berryessa: This is a beautiful open water swim and not too late to enter. Date is June 4th and an MVM group is going. If you want to carpool, meet in the Eagle parking… Read More ›

Weekly Email 5/20

Happy Friday everyone! News of the week: Holiday Hours: Monday, May 30th, is Memorial Day. We will have holiday hours that day. Workouts are 6am, 7am, and 8am. Sleep in! Open water events: There are two great open water swims coming up in June. Lake Berryessa on June 4th Lake Del Valle on June… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 5/12

Hello MVMers, here’s the news of the week: Happy Hour Event: It’s tonight! Cinco de Mayo + 7, otherwise know at May 12th. Venue is Agave Mexican Bistro starting at 5:30. Look for us in the back where there is outdoor seating. Address is 194 Castro Street. Here is the link: We hope to… Read More ›

Fishsticks – Meet Jessica Sutter

Hello MVMers, here is another edition of Fishsticks (otherwise known as get-to-know-your-fellow-swimmers). Meet Jessica Sutter. She’s the person to go to if you have any questions about astronomy! Or backpacking. Where were you born? Portland OR Where did you grow up? Portland OR What schools did you go to? Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA… Read More ›

Weekly Email 5/3

Hello MVMers, Happy May! News of the week: Social Event: We are calling this Cinco de Mayo + 7. We’ll have a happy hour on May 12th at Agave Mexican Restaurant. Address is 194 Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. They have outdoor seating in the back and that is where we will be starting… Read More ›

Weekly Email 4/17

Hello MVMers, I hope you are enjoying the weekend and beautiful weather. Here is the latest news, info, and updates. New members: Welcome to MVM! Here are a few things to know about being an MVMer: 1. Lap cards. You can get a lap card to swim free during City hours in case you can’t… Read More ›

Fishsticks – Dave Finlay

Hi team, here you your latest in the Fishsticks series (formerly know as Get To Know Your Fellow Swimmers). Meet Dave Finlay: Where were you born? I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1971. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Dublin leaving Ireland at the age of 22 for good

GTKYFS is now Fishsticks

Hi MVMers, As you know I have been doing a series called Get To Know Your Fellow Swimmers with the initials GTKYFS. But, the initials are pretty awkward so, with a suggestion by Chris Lindstrom (thank you Chris), I am going to call my series ‘Fishsticks’. So here is your Fishsticks for the week –… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 4/1

Hello MVMers, New members: As of today, April 1st, we have 31 new members. Welcome to MVM and Eagle Pool! About once a week you will get a Weekly Email with news of the team. Locker rooms: Here is the latest from the City – “The locker rooms will be closed for an additional two… Read More ›

GTKYFS – Eilish Byrne

Get To Know Your Fellow Swimmer of the week – meet Eilish Byrne – with a family picture. Where were you born? Meriden, CT Where did you grow up? Same place I was born Where did you go to school? Undergrad was at the University of Pennsylvania, where I also swam. And, I remained in… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/25

Hello MVMers – news/info of the week: February Fitness Party: Sign-ups are at the pool. If you wish to attend then let the coach know. It’s important we get a head count so that we know how much food to order. Currently we have 18 people signed up. Here are the details: -Date – Wednesday,… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/25

Hello MVMers – news/info of the week: February Fitness Party: Sign-ups are at the pool. If you wish to attend then let the coach know. It’s important we get a head count so that we know how much food to order. Currently we have 18 people signed up. Here are the details: -Date – Wednesday,… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/25

Hello MVMers – news/info of the week: February Fitness Party: Sign-ups are at the pool. If you wish to attend then let the coach know. It’s important we get a head count so that we know how much food to order. Currently we have 18 people signed up. Here are the details: -Date – Wednesday,… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow swimmers (GTKYFS) – Andrea Bowring

Hello MVMers, here is our next installment of GTKYFS. Meet Andrea Bowring: Where were you born and where did you grow up? Just outside of Philadelphia What school(s) did you attend after high school? I studied Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell and then doctoral work at Stanford. What job/career have you had after college?… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/18

Hello MVMers, Locker rooms: Still no word from the City as to when we can get in them. We will let you all know the moment we find out. February Fitness Party: Save the date. Our Feb Fit Auction Party to be held Wednesday, April 6th, starting at 5:30pm. We will have a sign-up sheet… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 3/11

Hello MVMers, here is the news/info of the week. Daylight Savings: It starts this Sunday, March 13. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward. Thank-you!: A big thank you to all who voted for the board&budget. It’s much appreciated that you took the time to do it. And a thank you to all who attended… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow swimmers – Karene Lees

Hello MVMers, Another edition of GTKYFS. Meet Karene Lees. Just found out today that she likes to go by K. See picture, below. I’m starting to learn that we have some photographers on our team. 1. Where were you born? I’m a native California girl! 2. Where did you grow up? I spent my formative… Read More ›

Weekly Email -3/1

Hello MVMers, Happy March 1st! Back to Eagle: As you know we will return to Eagle this coming Monday, March 7th. Reminder that we will not have the use of the locker rooms for one week until March 14th. This means the locker room bathrooms as well. The public restrooms located outside the facility will… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow swimmers (GTKYFS) #5

Hello MVMers, meet Conor O’Neill. A new member and our featured GTKYFS. Where were you born? / Where did you grow up? I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia – it’s a small city in the mountains of BC. It has a very similar climate to the… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow swimmers

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s another installment of “Get to know your fellow swimmers – Marian Concus”. Marian is one of our original swimmers. Where were you born? Berkeley, CA Where did you grow up? Berkeley, CA Schools attended? UC Berkeley for a while. I was in Flutist Michel Debost’s Master Class in Paris for two… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/24

Hello MVMers, Back to Eagle: Here’s some news we have been waiting for! Eagle Park Pool will reopen on Monday, March 7, 2022. All aquatic programs, lap swim, drop-in water exercise, Masters Swimming, and LAMVAC will transfer to Eagle Pool beginning Monday, March 7. Unfortunately due to construction, facility use will be limited. Locker rooms… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/18

Hello MVMers, Practice is on for tomorrow: Apologies about practice getting cancelled at the last minute this morning. The culprit was the chlorine pump. Again! We will have practice tomorrow, Feb. 19th, as usual. Textedly: A text was sent this morning at 5am-ish to let you all know that practice was cancelled this morning. If… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow MVMers – Kim Carlson

Here is #3 in our series of “Get to Know Your Fellow MVM Swimmers” – Kim Carlson How long have you been swimming with MVM: 16 years. Born and raised: Seal Beach, CA Schools: Stanford undergrad, med school at Tufts. Career: Internist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Mountain View. The last two years have… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/15

Hello MVMers, hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day. Gentle reminder for 9 a.m. lap swimmers: Please check in with the lifeguards at the front desk if you plan to do the lap swim at 9 a.m. If you are already in the pool during the 8 a.m. workout, you still need to get… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 2/11

Hello MVMers, Return to Eagle: looks like our return to Eagle will be sometime in March. We don’t have a definite date yet but hopefully it will be in the first half of the month. Swim Outlet Deal: Did you know that if you make a purchase at the Swim Outlet website that part of… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow MVMers – #2

‘Meet your fellow MVMers series’ – John Breakwell: Born: Boston Grew up: Palo Alto Schools: Palo Alto High School, Stanford undergraduate, Stanford doctorate in aeronautics and astronautics. (Editor’s note: Palo Alto HS is also my high school. Go Vikings!) Career: Worked at Lockheed. Specialty was telescopes. Some of his projects were: Lick Observatory (San Jose),… Read More ›

Get to know your fellow MVMers

Hello Team, We are starting a new series of emails called, “Get to know your fellow swimmers”. Our first featured swimmer is Elia Wu Anderson. Here’s Elia and see attached for her picture. Q: Where were you born? A: Shanghai, China Q: Where did you grow up? A: Shanghai Q: Where did you go to… Read More ›

Back at the pool on Tuesday February 8th, 2022

The mechanical issue with the chlorine pump has been fixed. We will be holding practice Tuesday, morning.

Workout cancelled on Monday Feb 7th 2022

The chlorine pump isn’t working properly.

Weekly Email – 2/1

Hello MVMers, Happy February 1st and Happy Lunar New Year! One-hour Postal wrap up: Thank you to all who swam the one-hour postal! We had a total of 30 swimmers participate and we might be in the running for a monetary prize from USMS. This is a nation-wide competition so keep your fingers crossed. It’s… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/24

Hello MVMers, Parking Alert: There is a good chance that the RVs along Cristanto Street will be parked in the parking lot tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25. We’re not 100% sure but just in case be ready to park in the overflow parking lot. One-Hour Postal: Thank you to all who participated yesterday in the 1-Hour… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/20

Hello MVMers, One hour virtual postal: It’s this coming Sunday, the 23rd. We have seventeen swimmers but there is still room for more and it’s not too late to join in case you have FOMO. We even have a friendly competition for the best homemade treat as well. My chocolate chip banana bread is hard… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/14

Hello MVMers, Happy Friday! News of the week and reminders: Holiday Hours: This Monday we are having holiday hours for MLK day. Hours are 6am, 7am, and 8am. One hour swim: Our virtual/postal swim will be held a week from this Sunday, the 23rd. The deadline to sign up for the swim with USMS is… Read More ›

Weekly Email – 1/11

Hello MVMers, Holiday Hours: On MKL Day, January 17, our hours will be 6am, 7am, and 8am. One-hour virtual postal: We will have this swim on Sunday, January 23rd. We will start about 6:45, so arrive a bit earlier than that to pull covers. We need an early start so that swimmers who count laps… Read More ›

MVM Weekly Email – Jan. 4

Hello MVMers, I hope everyone had a really nice holiday. Here is the News/Info for the week: Hot Water: Water heater for the men’s locker room has been fixed. Yay! General Swimming Etiquette: Thank you to everyone for being flexible about what lanes you swim in when the pool gets crowded, and communicating with coaches… Read More ›

Weekly Email – Dec. 27

Hello MVMers! I hope you are having a nice holiday. News of the week: Holiday Hours: 6:00 and 7:30am this Friday, December 31st. It will be our last set of repeats. If you want to do 100 repeats then come at 6am. 7:00 and 8:00am on Saturday, January 1st. If you swim the second workout… Read More ›

Weekly Email – Dec. 12/19

Hello MVM, Lot’s of news this week so here goes: Holiday hours: Dec. 24th – two practices, 6am and 7:30am. We are doing 2x50x50 repeats. Dec. 25th – two practices, 7am and 8am. Dec. 31st – two practices, 6am and 7:30am. This will be our third and final repeat workout. Coaches: Just FYI, over half… Read More ›

MVM News – Dec. 10

Hello MVMers! Happy December and here are the announcements/news of the week. Holiday Hours: Dec. 24 is our 2x50x50 repeats. We will have two practices – 6:00am and 7:30am. If you want to do 100 repeats then come to the first practice and stay for both.                            Dec. 25 will be two… Read More ›

MVM News – December 3rd 2021

Hi MVM Team, Update on practice cancellation today: I hope you all received an email or text that practice was cancelled this morning due to an equipment failure in the mechanical room. At some point during the night the ‘No Flow’ alarm was activated. When there is no flow then everything in the pump room… Read More ›