MVM News – Dec. 10

Hello MVMers! Happy December and here are the announcements/news of the week.

Holiday Hours: Dec. 24 is our 2x50x50 repeats. We will have two practices – 6:00am and 7:30am. If you want to do 100 repeats then come to the first practice and stay for both.
                            Dec. 25 will be two practices – 7:00am and 8:00am. Expect the infamous ‘Five Gold Rings’ workout.

One hour USMS Postal Swim: The month of January is the USMS 1-hour postal swim. There is a $1,000 prize to the team with the highest percentage of swimmers that enter. MVM could win this! Entry fee is $10 until Dec. 15. After that it goes up to $15. Think about entering. Every swimmer counts. Stay tuned for details but feel free to enter now. Here is the link:

City regulations: We are still operating under the mandate that we cannot have more than four swimmers per lane. It is rare that we have 24 swimmers in the pool but it has happened. Here’s a refresher from the coaches:Arrive on time.If the number of swimmers exceeds the city-mandated maximum, on-time swimmers will be prioritized.
Try to limit early arrival to 10 minutes or less.Unless there is an empty lane, you will be asked to wait on deck until the coach decides it is appropriate for you to enter the pool (usually not until about 3-5 minutes early) with the consent of the swimmers already in the lane. 
Swimmers who extend their workout from the previous hour may be asked to exit or change lanes if the second workout reaches capacity. At the coaches’ discretion, those swimmers may swim in the shallow section until the final count is taken. Be aware that you may be asked to exit even if you were significantly late to the earlier workout.
In all cases, swimmers must respect and accede to the decision of the coach on deck.
Happy Swimming! MVM

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