Get to know your fellow swimmers – Karene Lees

Hello MVMers,
Another edition of GTKYFS. Meet Karene Lees. Just found out today that she likes to go by K. See picture, below. I’m starting to learn that we have some photographers on our team.

1. Where were you born? I’m a native California girl!

2. Where did you grow up? I spent my formative years in Big Sur (my parents worked at Esalen Institute) and in Monterey (junior high and high school).

3. Where did you go to college? I’m a Banana Slug from UC Santa Cruz. My degree is in Computer Science, which is why I ended up in the bay area.

4. What jobs/career(s) have you had after college? I worked as a software developer after college. After I had my daughter, I started working as a technical writer. Later, I ran my own web design business for 8 years, and now I am back working as a technical writer.

5. What is one (or two or three) fun facts about you that we wouldn’t know? I’m a photography enthusiast (oh I guess people might know that since I’m often hiding behind a camera). I designed and maintained the previous MVM website for about 10 years. I love to hike and usually take a camera, which means the hikes take longer than they should…

6. How long have you been swimming with MVM? I’ve been swimming on the team since 1994 (so 28 years) and I usually swim at 7am so I can watch the sunrise.

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