Weekly Email – 3/8

Hello MVMers,

New coach: We are excited to let you know that Jonathan Hutt is joining our coaching staff. He starts this Friday and you’ll see him at 6am if you attend that workout. Welcome Jonathan!

No practice March 18-19: LAMVAC has their swim meet the weekend of March 18-19 at Eagle Pool so our practice is canceled.

Kudos: MVM was one of the very top teams who had the largest percentage of members to re-register with USMS from the year before. Way to go MVM!

New event: We’re starting GTTC month (or two). It’s Give (back) To The Community time of the year. It’s a blood drive – and completely voluntary. You can sign up with the Red Cross or elsewhere. So far six people have donated blood. Everyone who donates will get a special, custom MVM swim cap. And, if you donate before the February Fitness Auction you will get 10 points. There is a huge need for blood so feel free to donate if you are so inclined. See attached for a picture from today – Minye, Courtney and Coach Kate. No, that adorable little baby did not give blood. And thanks to Christine Johnson, Karene Lees, and Tom Werner for rolling up their sleeves as well.

Happy Swimming, MVM

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