Get to know your fellow swimmers (GTKYFS) – Andrea Bowring

Hello MVMers, here is our next installment of GTKYFS. Meet Andrea Bowring:

Where were you born and where did you grow up? Just outside of Philadelphia

What school(s) did you attend after high school? I studied Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell and then doctoral work at Stanford.

What job/career have you had after college? I’m a research engineer working on building more efficient and reliable solar panels.

What is/are one (or two or three) fun facts about you that we wouldn’t know? I was a competitive ultimate frisbee player before I started swimming seriously when I joined the Stanford Triathlon Team in 2015. I also play the viola in a local community orchestra.

How long have you been swimming with MVM? Since 2018 when I moved to Mountain View and partially chose my apartment for its proximity to Eagle Park. I usually swim at 7am.

Editor’s note: Two pictures attached. One is when Andrea just finished the 2019 Alcatraz swim, which she did well under 50 minutes. Nice!

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