Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Picking up the second half with Chris, Misa and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:


#1. 75 kick/50 drill/25 swim

#2. 50 kick/25 drill/75 swim

#3. 25 kick/75 drill/50 swim

If you know programming, this is a bubble sort/shift right. Why? Because engaging your brain bright and early in the morning when you get to workout is a good thing! Think about what you’re doing.

3×50 on cruise+10 sec, descend 1-3


main set:

3x broken 600, with a Masters Minute between each one

#1. 500 max DPS–rest 20 sec–100 uptempo

#2. 400 max DPS–rest 20 sec–200 uptempo

#3. 300 max DPS–rest 20 sec–300 uptempo

We should be able to see a difference in pace from up on the deck.

100 easy


last set:

8×75, choice of strokes

odds: 50 kick/25 swim

evens: 25 kick/50 swim

This is a more structured warm down, where you can bring your focus back to your mechanics


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