Weekly Email – 8/4

Hello MVMers,

August Happy Hour: I hope you like sushi. This month our happy hour will be held at Hanabi Sushi in Mountain View – August 15th starting at 5:30pm. Address is 1040 Rengstorff Avenue in the Costco Shopping Center. https://sushihanabimv.com/

Reminder: The ladies exercise class starts right after our workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They have requested that everyone is completely out of the pool by 8am. This means you can’t hang on the wall (in the pool) and chat, or try to get an extra bit of swimming in after the digital clock on the wall strikes 8. Thanks for your help with this as it means the coaches won’t get a ‘talking to’.

Open Water Swimming: Here is a link for an article about open water swimming for those of you participating in the Tahoe swim at Sand Harbor or Coach Flo’s swim from Alcatraz or any open water event. A good read and I highly recommend it. Thank you Martha Branch for forwarding it to me. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/02/well/move/open-water-swimming.html?unlocked_article_code=yr-neqxWZj__Nvig0-b4Y9kIVPVFUUgijXBV1Jo7F8-q7Cy7bgdiZ-RWQVasK5Mvmg_rt1V5SYyUPkCsbz_YHtVYFQw8hPE7XmQhflri7eydZIfwsyW2DegOxLPHvOfL4sQX__1Qac0D5Kgh74zibuboYPvmHNzIgFcV8ToR5e5kLWsdF_LQryRs5ajRpp2hXt8ERbwL6NqfNKWaWgTCrOEHhFxPJxBg3Fmi3AskrMDdSnCLrXYLhixYD-1zXZrDhmzRhv9Wi2DewIej-wh54nOJM26Zo_n-5O8HddsnG-1QEca9CPN0rrkSfi-0_tCtUWDSCe_5Urg2vSZrKGJ_&smid=url-share

New MVM T-shirts: Long-sleeved MVM t-shirts are still available. Please order ASAP as we will stop taking orders in about a week. Here is the link: MVM Long Sleeves


MVM Long Sleeves

Summer is here! Get your MVM long sleeve to show your team spirit at upcoming open-water swims, happy hours, and…

No Board Meeting in August: Lots of people are on vacation therefore the MVM Board meeting this month has been canceled. We will let you know the date of the September board meeting, which is open to all members. Board meetings are subject to change but normally held the second Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30.

Happy Swimming, MVM

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