Weekly Email – 9/1

Hello MVMers,

Holiday Hours: This coming Monday, September 4th, is Labor Day. We will have holiday hours, which are 6am, 7am, and 8am. Sleep in!

Alcatraz Swim: Coach Flo’s Alcatraz swim is tomorrow, September 2nd. MVM wishes all of you a wonderful swim and we know you’ll all do great! Have fun and take pictures. You never know what could show up in the display case.

Keller Cove: Our next MVM swim event will be the Keller Cove Open Water swim in Richmond. There are three races: 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and 2 miles. Date is September 17, 2023. Proceeds go to help kids learn to swim. https://www.usms.org/events/events/13th-annual-keller-cove-swim-for-kids-sake?ID=10020

New Members: Our team continues to grow. Welcome to all new members! A couple of things – these Weekly Email are archived on our MVM website in case you want to take a look. Also, if you want to be on our Texting List (Textedly) then let me know. It’s “opt in” only. Texts are a good way to get MVM information that we send at the last minute, such as the pool getting closed down by the City.

Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Happy Swimming, MVM

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