Weekly Email – 9/18 (slightly more important than usual)

Hi MVMers,

Important safety reminder! We had a pretty rough head-on collision last week that resulted in an injury. In order to prevent this from happening again, ALWAYS swim on the right-hand side of the lane. You would never cross a double yellow line on the road, even if the car in front of you was slow and the lane ahead seemed clear; please take this swimming rule just as seriously!

If you want to pass the swimmer in front of you, tap their feet to let them know, and pass them ONLY when you’ve reached the wall. Conversely, if the swimmer behind you taps your feet, swim to the far right corner of the lane and give them space to pass you at the wall. Even better, you can wait until the swim is finished and verbally agree to adjust your place in the lane.

Pool Covers (again): It turns out that the covers may not be on the pool for a number of days, or possibly longer. Here is the email we received from the City: “We didn’t do it [cover the pool] yesterday because the pool was warm from warmer temperatures this weekend. The next few weeks if the temperature is over 75 we will not cover. This week is looking to be warm. It looks like the temperature won’t go down till mid of next week.” Bottom line is that we don’t know exactly when the covers will be on but our Board is keeping in touch with the City. For now you don’t have to arrive early to the first workout.

Social Event: On a lighter note we will have our next social event/happy hour at Olympus Cafe. Correction from the earlier announcement – we will start at 5pm because drinks are discounted until 5:30. Feel free to arrive any time you’d like. Address is 135 Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. No reservation necessary. Just show up. 🙂

See below for an announcement from the City about the City of Mountain View Strategic Plan:

To further the dialogue for the future of Mountain View’s parks, open space, trails, recreation facilities and programs, we have added a new feature on the project website. While on the website, click on the “Ideas” button next to “Newsfeed” and simply add an idea you would like to see included. Like an idea that has been posted? Click the heart icon on the idea.

Did you miss the public meetings held in August? Videos from the virtual meetings and the meeting presentations and polling results have been posted at ImagineMVParks.com.

We hope you can take a moment to visit the website and share your thoughts as we Imagine MV Parks.

Happy Swimming, MVM

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