Weekly Email 5/3

Hello MVMers,
Happy May! News of the week:

Social Event: We are calling this Cinco de Mayo + 7. We’ll have a happy hour on May 12th at Agave Mexican Restaurant. Address is 194 Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. They have outdoor seating in the back and that is where we will be starting at 5:30pm. No need to sign up. Just come and enjoy!

Swim parkas: We will be ordering MVM swim parkas soon. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one. I’ll have more details soon, such as how much they will cost. We are working on the logo now and deciding which manufacturer to go with. You all have plenty of time to get your order in.

Reminder: If you depart Eagle through the front door (rather than the gate by the pool) please do not let anyone in. We don’t want strangers to go in the locker rooms when we are in the pool.

Happy swimming! MVM

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