Weekly Email – 11/15

Hello MVMers,

Bulkhead!: Progress!We are excited to let you know the bulkhead was fixed today. Yay! We don’t have a date for the lane line between lanes 7&8 to return. It could be there tomorrow or it could be another week or two. We’ll let you know the moment we hear anything.

Pool Covers: The City is now putting pool covers on the main pool as well as the small pool. For those who show up at the first workout be prepared to take a little more time than usual to get the entire pool uncovered. As always, thank you for your help with this chore.

Thanksgiving: We will have holiday hours on Thanksgiving. Hours are 6:30 and 7:45. We will do our traditional 50 repeats going every minute and a half. Please arrive early to help pull covers if you plan to swim the first workout.

Holiday Party: It’s official that the venue for our Holiday Party will be Shoup Park. Date is Saturday evening, December 9th. We will have a sign up sheet (or form) at some point. It’s very important we know how many people are attending because we want to order the right amount of food. More details to come.

Member Appreciation Day: You don’t want to miss Member Appreciation Day! It will be December 2nd, on deck at Eagle, during and after the Saturday workout. We will have coffee and donuts. As always we will not turn down home-baked goodies if you are so inclined but absolutely not mandatory. It’s all of you that make MVM the wonderful swim team it is. Thank you!

Happy Swimming, MVM

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