Weekly Email 4/17

Hello MVMers,
I hope you are enjoying the weekend and beautiful weather. Here is the latest news, info, and updates.

New members: Welcome to MVM! Here are a few things to know about being an MVMer:

1. Lap cards. You can get a lap card to swim free during City hours in case you can’t make a workout. Just ask the coach on deck if you want one.

2. Swim Outlet. If you need swim gear you might want to check out the Swim Outlet website. We have a special MVM link: Swim Outlet. If you make a purchase using this link then part of the money you spend will go to MVM. You have to use our special link to make it happen. You may also get a member discount but I’m not 100% sure about that.

3. Textedly: In case of emergency we have a way to send a mass text to all MVMers but you have to opt in. If you want opt in then reply to me and I will put you on the list. We rarely send mass texts but if, for example, the pool is shut down unexpectedly then we can let you know by text.

February Fitness Party: The party was lots of fun. Thank you to Lizy, Adam, and Richard for picking up the pizzas – Clyde and Misa for being our auctioneers – and Justine for doing all the organizing! If you missed it this year then no need to worry because we’ll have it again next year.

Last workout reminder: It is important that all swimmers are out of the pool by 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends. When the pace clock hits 00:00 then we all have to be out. The City seems to be cracking down on this.

Next social event: Look for something in May. Details coming soon.

Happy Swimming, MVM

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