Weekly Email – 4/1

Hello MVMers,

New members: As of today, April 1st, we have 31 new members. Welcome to MVM and Eagle Pool! About once a week you will get a Weekly Email with news of the team.

Locker rooms: Here is the latest from the City – “The locker rooms will be closed for an additional two (2) days to install condensate lines and complete the HVAC project. The project manager just informed us the closure will be on Monday, April 4 and Tuesday, April 5. After this closure, the project will be completed and the locker rooms will be fully operational!” This means we will be back to deck-changing this coming Monday and Tuesday so be prepared for that. Starting Wednesday, April 6 it will be business as usual at Eagle Pool.

February Fitness Party: The party will be held this coming Wednesday, April 6th, at The Adobe House in Mountain View, starting at 5:30pm. All are welcome to attend even if you did not participate in the February Fitness Challenge. Cost is $20. You may sign up on deck with a coach. Payments may be in cash or electronically. Cash goes to the coach on deck. Here are your options for electronic payment:
Venmo: @Misa-Sugiura
PayPal: Misa Sugiura or misamisa91
CashApp: $cmsugiura

Safety: Now that we are back at Eagle expect to hear a safety talk (or two) before the workout starts. Please remember that if there is an emergency we will count on everyone to help out. For example, we will need someone to call 911, stand outside the pool area to guide EMS to the emergency, maybe help get a swimmer out of the water, etc. We hope there is never a need for this but it’s always good to be prepared. The coach on deck will be giving instructions.

Swim Outlet: If you need any swim gear then think about ordering from Swim Outlet. You may get a member discount (not totally sure) but money will go to MVM for anything you order. Here’s the link: Swim Outlet

Happy Swimming! MVM

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