Weekly Email – 2/15

Hello MVMers, hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day.

Gentle reminder for 9 a.m. lap swimmers: Please check in with the lifeguards at the front desk if you plan to do the lap swim at 9 a.m. If you are already in the pool during the 8 a.m. workout, you still need to get out and officially check in, as the city is required to have a written record of public lap swimmers for safety and insurance reasons. Thanks for cooperating!

Gentle suggestion: While we are at Rengstorff, please check for an email or text before coming to the pool. As I’m sure you are all aware, the mechanical equipment has been struggling – especially the chlorine pump. We will do our best to notify you any time practice is cancelled, but sometimes the cancellations are at the last minute. We don’t want you to drive all the way to the pool in the dark of the morning if you can’t get in the water.

Snorkel question: For those of you who wear snorkels, do you have any recommendations for which brand is good? Or what to look for in a snorkel?

Thank you and happy swimming! MVM

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