Weekly Email – 8/25

Hello MVMers, we hope your summer has been going well. Here are some announcements for the week.

Tahoe Swimmers: Congratulations to Jessica Sutter, Sarah MacMahon, and Janet Beegle for completing the 2.7 mile swim at Donner Lake on August 13th. Also congratulations to Martha Branch for coming in first in her age group at the Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor one-mile swim on August 14th. Way to go MVMers!

Lake Del Valle: Another great open water swim close to home is Lake Del Valle in Livermore. Entries close at midnight tonight and the event is this coming weekend. Here’s the link: Del Valle Open Water Festival Home

Swim Outlet:. If you need swim gear you might want to check out the Swim Outlet website. We have a special MVM link: Swim Outlet. If you make a purchase using this link then part of the money you spend will go to MVM. You have to use our special link to make it happen.

Results from the Survey: Out of all the respondents – 65.7% prefer to swim at Eagle Pool and the main reason was distance from home. The most popular swim workout time was 7:00am (56.6%). Friday was the most popular day to swim (64.6%) but Wednesday was a close second (60.6%). Sunday was the least popular day (33.3%). Thank you again to everyone who responded.

Happy Swimming! MVM

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