MVM Weekly Email – Jan. 4

Hello MVMers,
I hope everyone had a really nice holiday. Here is the News/Info for the week:

Hot Water: Water heater for the men’s locker room has been fixed. Yay!

General Swimming Etiquette: Thank you to everyone for being flexible about what lanes you swim in when the pool gets crowded, and communicating with coaches and other swimmers when getting in and out early/late. It helps us keep things safe and positive, allows the maximum number of people to swim, and lowers our stress levels as coaches. If you find yourself swimming in a lane that is too fast or slow for you, and would like some tips on how to make the situation work, please ask the coach!

If you swim the last workout of the morning: Please remember to clear the locker rooms—that is, walk out the door—by 10 minutes after the hour. Also, please exit the pool—that is, push your body out of the water—at the :55, even if the clock has not been shut off. If this doesn’t leave you enough time to shower and get ready for work, please consider getting out earlier, or swimming at an earlier practice, as we have an agreement with the city about these exit times, and we want to make sure we get to keep swimming!

Huge thanks: to everyone who has been working hard to cooperate with us on all of the issues above. We know it’s not easy, and we really appreciate it.

One-hour postal: Don’t forget to signup. Date to be determined as to which day we’ll do the postal at Rengstorff Pool. I’m sure you all received yesterday’s email about this event from USMS. Do it for the team! It will be fun and we have a chance to win some $$$ if enough of us swim.

Holiday Hours: We will have Holiday Hours on MLK Day, January 17th – 6am, 7am, 8am. Don’t worry if you lose this email. We will remind you again. 🙂

MVM Website: Just FYI, the Weekly Emails (starting two weeks ago) are posted on our website.

Happy Swimming! MVM

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