Weekly Email – 2/1

Hello MVMers, Happy February 1st and Happy Lunar New Year!

One-hour Postal wrap up: Thank you to all who swam the one-hour postal! We had a total of 30 swimmers participate and we might be in the running for a monetary prize from USMS. This is a nation-wide competition so keep your fingers crossed. It’s based on the number of swimmer per team that participate. If you missed it this year we plan to do it next year. At the very least you don’t want to miss the “bake-off”.

February Fitness Challenge: It’s that time of year! February Fitness Challenge has started. We have cards to fill out to keep track of your points. Cards will be in the office. You get points for pulling covers, swimming workouts, and participating in swim meets. The more points you get the more money (MVM bucks) you’ll get to spend at the February Fitness Auction, which we will have outdoors in March. More details on the auction as we get closer to the date.

USMS Events in February: In case you want to swim some USMS events, and simultaneously get points for the Feb Fitness Challenge, here are some opportunities for you:
-Short-course meet this Feb. 5 at Gunderson High School – https://www.usms.org/events/events/quicksilver-masters-mid-distance-meet?ID=9226
-Splash and Dash Sprint Pentathlon Feb. 26 – https://www.usms.org/events/events/splash-amp-dash-2022-sprint-pentathlon?ID=9181
-Miracle Mile – https://www.usms.org/events/events/the-miracle-mile?ID=9133. You can swim this any time in February. For those who did the 1-Hour postal, you can use that swim for this event.

Lap Passes: Did you know that as an MVM member you can get lap passes to swim during City hours? We now have replenished our supply (apologies that we were out of them for a few weeks). If you want a lap pass just ask the coach on deck.

Happy Swimming! MVM

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  1. Hi Kate. can we get the latest update on the return to Eagle?

    • “Aquatics Staff is expecting to shift all Aquatic programming back to Eagle Park Pool in early March 2022. The Eagle Pool HVAC Replacement Project has been delayed due to technical/installation issues and the contractor has been experiencing staffing shortages due to COVID. Staff has notified all aquatic participants of the new schedule and will continue to prepare for the move.”

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