Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Distance while paying attention, with Chris and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

4×75 (50 drill/25 swim)

odds: drill is single arm drill

evens: drill is 2 stroke rhythm drill

4×50 kick, build

4×50 swim on cruise+10 sec, descend 1-4


main set:

2×800, with 1 minute rest between

#1 with no gear. Put the paddles, pull buoy, fins, snorkle, whatever, up on the deck

#2 gear up any way you like

No need to hammer here. The point of this set is to learn what changes when you gear up. You should be faster, perhaps a lot faster, but why is that? The next thing to do is to figure out what to do with that information–how do you translate what you’ve learned into improving your stroke?

Here’s a good example for those of you who like your pull buoys. Typically, swimmers like pulling because they go faster. That’s because the buoy makes their hips ride higher in the water. They’re not swimming uphill anymore. Less drag. More efficiency. What’s not to like? Can you make that happen without your pull buoy? Can you engage your core so your lower body isn’t dragging you down?

100 easy


last set:

4×100 kick (75 build to fast/25 easy)

100 easy


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