Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Simulating an open water race, with Chris, Misa and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:


odds: 50 single arm drill/50 rhythm drill

evens: 50 kick/50 swim max DPS

4×50 swim on cruise+10 sec, descend 1-4


main set:

This set is meant to emulate the 3 portions of an open water race–the start, the middle, and the end

3×600 with 1 minute rest between each

#1. 300 good effort/300 moderate

Break free of the salmon run at the beginning, and then settle into a pace

#2. even steady pace, working various bilateral breathing patterns that you might encounter in an open water race. You might face waves, sun in your eyes, or someone right in your face.

#3. 300 moderate/300 build to fast

This is the finish. Head for and round that last turn buoy and drive for home.

100 easy


last set:

4×100 kick (25 on your left side/25 on your right side/50 regular kick)

Focus on propulsion on the upbeat, not just on the down beat.

300 easy pull, breathing bilaterally


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