Workout for Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017
An IM Christmas Tree with Chris and Ryan
warm up:
600 choice
drill set:
1×200 swim max DPS
odd lengths free, even lengths nonfree
4×75 (25 kick/50 drill) one each stroke
4×25 max DPS, trying to nail each wall at perfect extension, choice of nonfree strokes
4×50 swim (25 nonfree build/25 free, breathing to your off side), choice of nonfree strokes
main set:
A Christmas Tree, with 100s of stroke or IM for boughs, and 200s of free for the trunk.
1×100 stroke or IM on cruise+20 sec
8×25 free on cruise+5 sec
2×100 stroke or IM on cruise+25 sec, descend 1-2
4×50 free on cruise+10 sec
3×100 stroke or IM on cruise+30 sec, descend 1-3
2×100 free on cruise+15 sec
4×100 stroke or IM on cruise+35 sec, descend 1-4
1×200 free
you may change strokes between each group of 100s.  However, within each group, stay with the same stroke or IM so that you can descend.  The focus point on the freestyle is left up to you (think of it as a Christmas present).  If you don’t have a focus in mind, let us know.  We’re happy to give you something to work on.
last set:
8×75 (50 kick build/25 swim max DPS), choice of strokes

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