Workout for Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Short steps to a faster finish, with Chris, Ryan and Tina

Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:

4×75 (50 drill/25 swim)

Odds:  Drill is Single Arm Drill

Evens:  Drill is Rhythm Drill

3×75 (50 kick/25 swim)

2×75  decreasing stroke count on each 25

1×75  building by 25s

Maintain that nice long stroke length, but pick up your tempo.



Main set:

1×800, moderate steady pace

8×50 on cruise+5 sec, at a faster pace than the 800

We’re sneaking in a little bit of USRPT work where we can pick up the pace

1×400 at the pace of your 50s



Last set:


#1  easy swim

#2  50 kick, build/50 easy swim

#3  25 easy swim/50 kick, build/25 easy swim

#4  50 easy swim/50 kick, build

#5  easy swim


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