Workout for Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday—A Thanksgiving-style workout with Chris, Misa and Kate


Warm up:

600 choice



Today’s workout is like Thanksgiving Dinner.  There’s a little bit of everything (10 different mini sets of 600 yards each), so pick and choose what you want on your plate.  One rule, though—you can only go back for one second helping on only one thing.  So how much and what you want to do is entirely up to you.


Set 1:

6×100 free on cruise


Set 2:

3×200 IM

#1  25 kick/25 swim on cruise+40 sec

#2  25 drill/25 swim on cruise+30 sec

#3  200 IM


Set 3:

4×25 best nonfree stroke on cruise+15 sec

1×200 IM, build your best stroke

4×25 your worst nonfree stroke on cruise+15 sec

1×200 free (25 breathe left side/25 breathe right side/50 every 3rd stroke)


Set 4:

4 rounds of:

1×75 kick, faster on each 25

1×50 drill

1×25 fast

Do the same stroke through each round.  Do something different from the previous round each time you start a new round


Set 5:

6×25 fast on cruise+20 sec

50 easy

6×25 faster on cruise+30 sec

50 easy

Choice of strokes


Set 6:

12×50 Free on cruise+10 sec

Hold your cruise-5 sec pace or better.  This is a USRPT set, useful for 200-500 free races.


Set 7:

8×75 rotating IM on 100 cruise+5 sec


Set 8:

6×100 on cruise+15 sec

Odds nonfree, evens moderate free


Set 9:


#1  every 3rd length backstroke/every 4th length breaststroke/every 12th length butterfly

#2  every 3rd length breaststroke/every 4th length backstroke/every 12th length butterfly


Set 10:

4×75 freestyle

#1  breathe 25 left side/25 right side/25 every 3rd stroke

#2  breathe 25 2 strokes left side/25 2 strokes right side/25 every 3rd stroke

#3  breath 25 every 3rd stroke/25 every 5th stroke/25 every 7th stroke

#4  breathe 2 strokes left side/2 strokes right side the whole way



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